Yes! If the external downloading and sharing EULA is visible to users on your Widen Collective site, they'll be required to agree to the policy and terms before downloading or sharing assets from portals, including when they download all assets. Users may first need to indicate their intended use of assets when downloading or sharing and then can agree or disagree to the EULA.

Make the external EULA visible or hide it for users from the EULA Administration page in the Admin app.

With the EULA visible, the first time anyone downloads or shares assets from a portal, they'll be presented with a screen where they can agree or disagree to the policy and terms and see the full EULA. Click the arrow to read the EULA, then choose the download format or share the asset.

When users agree to the EULA the first time, they won't be prompted with it again in that portal.

If users clear their browser's history or when they open a portal in a new browser, they'll be prompted to agree to the EULA again.