You can set up review stages when you route a proof or for proofs that are currently in routing. Stages are created to give feedback and decisions on a piece of content. They're sequential in nature and have a due date so that proofs can move on to subsequent stages for review.

A proof may have one or many review stages for each round of review. If there's more than one stage, proofs will automatically move to the next round after they're approved. If proofs are approved with edits, a new proof will be requested from the proof creator or proof provider before it moves on to the next stage.

Create stages

The first stage of review is automatically created when you're setting up the workflow. The default name is Stage 1, but you can name stages anything you'd like. Add a stage (or multiple stages) if you need more stages of review, like legal and executive.

For each stage, choose a name or use the default name, select dates for review, and add reviewers and commenters. Each stage must have at least one reviewer. Reviewers and commenters are notified by email that they have a new proof to review. Each stage includes the date the stage was originally due and the actual completion date, allowing you to easily assess if/how long each stage was and if they go longer than anticipated.

If you need to add more stages to a project that's in review, simply click the + icon for the workflow to add the stage.

Save workflows

If you've created saved workflows, you can select to from the list of those when setting up stages or create new workflows for future use. Approval (a decision) must be required of at least one reviewer.

Delete a stage

If plans have changed and you no longer need a group to review, or if a stage gets accidentally added, just delete the stage.