With the Adobe CC Connector, you can drag assets from the Widen Collective and drop them into an open InDesign page in order to link them. By seamlessly linking assets in the Collective to InDesign pages using drag-and-drop functionality, the Connector improves efficiency in creative workflows. Once linked, Collective settings will automatically manage asset versions and allow you to toggle between high- and low-resolution images.

Before assets can be linked, you'll need to install and register the Adobe CC Connector, which is best used in Chrome and Firefox. It's unsupported in IE.

Note that in Photoshop and Illustrator, you can access original assets to update, then save those files for upload back to the Collective. Linking functionality is not available in those apps.

Find assets for use in InDesign

To link assets to the Collective from InDesign, search for assets in the Collective. When searching, ensure InDesign Placement is checked in the Thumbnail dropdown in search results.

When you find the asset you're looking for, drag and drop it from the Collective into an InDesign page. Dragging and dropping links it from the Collective to InDesign. When they're linked, the latest version of assets in the Collective will be reflected in InDesign. Click the InDesign page to switch focus, and the asset will be loaded into the Place cursor. Click to place the asset on the page.

Click the image itself, not the Quick View icon, to drag an asset from search results into your InDesign page. Clicking anywhere else in the thumbnail results in the asset being added to the Selection panel. Only image and PDF assets can be dropped from the Collective into InDesign.

For AI and Illustrator EPS files, a high-resolution file is always placed on the InDesign page to ensure vectors and clipping paths are used. By default, any other file format linked in InDesign will be a low-res JPG version of the file. If a high-res version of another file format should always be used, site admins can contact the Central Support team to set that up.

Load multiple assets

You can load more than one asset into the Place cursor in InDesign. Drag assets from search results into an InDesign page, then shift the focus in InDesign. Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle through the loaded assets to find the one to place in InDesign or click ESC to remove an asset from the Place cursor.

Switch between high- and low-res images

The Links menu, accessed from Window > Links, allows you to work with either high- or low-res versions of images. Click and hold ALT (on Windows) or OPTION (on Macs), then click the Layered icon for one of the linked assets and that will change the resolution of all linked assets.

InDesign recognizes when assets have been updated in the Collective. You'll be prompted with modified links in the Links menu when assets are updated.

A broken chain link icon displays for assets that have been deleted from the Collective when you open the InDesign page.

Find more information about packaging InDesign files and creating previews for those files in this article.